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In the Spring ’16 issue, we wrap up the 2015 Annual Conference.

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Editor: Adam Fleischer, BatesCarey, LLP

The Pollution Exclusion

Pollution claims continue to increase in number and complexity, as do the coverage issues they raise.  In particular, courts across the country have struggled to determine whether the standard pollution exclusion should only apply to actual harm to environmental resources, or whether it may also apply to harmful contaminants in a basement or scents across a neighbor’s land.  Click here for a new 50-state survey on the treatment of the pollution exclusion compiled by the team at BatesCarey LLP.


Cyber and Privacy Coverage Litigation 2015

You have been inundated with articles addressing new “cyber forms” and security risks across the industry.  But what about the actual cases that have come down discussing how the law is treating insurance coverage for these claims?  Such articles are few and far between, but click here for a fantastic review of a year’s worth of recent cyber cases, expertly summarized by Vincent Vitkowsky of Seiger Gfeller Laurie LLP.

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